4 Year Cycle

The S&P 500 overlayed against each President’s term, 1949 -1996


As this chart makes clear, the beginning of a President’s term is often the worst for the markets. That’s because all newly elected Presidents want to get the painful economic medicine down, and pray for a full blown expansion, oh, say around re-election time. This is not per se bad or evil, its simply Human nature — ignore it at your own financial peril.

We’ve done a lot of commentary on Politics and the market the past few weeks. I’m ready to move that to the backburner for a while — at least until the next major poll or interesting issue arises.

The election is still 8 months away; Pace yourselves!

This week, I plan on focusing on some interesting Job Creation issues I’ve been playing with. Also, in light of some absurd new proposed legislation, I’d also like to resurrect our analysis on the Music Industry, and how they are actually killing themselves.

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