Malaysia, Taiwan follow up

Back in April, I mentioned two Asian ETFs:  Malaysia (EWM) and Taiwan (EWT); I still like these alot, and its a good way to play Asia/China.

The charts on thse have developed nicely:

Malaysia (EWM)


Taiwan (EWT)


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  1. Brian commented on May 4

    Nice. EWS has a similar chart. I’ve been thinking of picking that one up.

  2. B commented on May 4

    EWT either is blowing off or SMH needs to catch up because there is a large divergence developing. Those two indices have the highest correlation of any indices globally. It’s damn near 100%

  3. getshort commented on May 4

    How is your short of the DAX working out? I remember you recommended shorting ewg.

    BR covered a while ago — small loser

  4. B commented on May 4

    Just a few choice headlines from around the globe today. A little different than Tout-Tv reporting. Happy investing. Oh, but first, Jim Cramer recommended you invest in Gazprom, the Russian energy giant. IN RUSSIA. IN RUBLES. Anyone know how much the Russian equities market is up in the last year? Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler? 300%.

    VAST and growing global economic imbalances pose a “significant risk of a sharp adjustment in exchange rates”, which could plunge some countries into recession and prove “very costly”, the Bank of England’s Governor said yesterday. – Might I guess who their Fed chairman is referring to? Uh, might I guess Asia?

    It is unconceivable that equities and commodities can enjoy a synchronized and sustained rally of this magnitude.

    The IMF warned China of the dangers of over-investment in sectors such as construction and property and recommended further monetary tightening following the small rise in interest rates imposed by the central bank last week

    The Korean government has cautioned that the nation’s export business is facing a substantial downside risk with the price of oil soaring and the U.S. dollar rapidly weakening in value against the local currency.

    Korea should watch out for the potential formation of a financial bubble amid ongoing market liberalization, the Korea Development Institute said yesterday.

    Japanese consumers were more confident in March than at any time in nearly 15 years, according to a government survey, underscoring a strong economic recovery, Reuters reports:

    Japan Trade Deficit Highest in Almost 25 Years

    Hyundai Motor Co., the country’s biggest carmaker, said yesterday its first-quarter net income fell 38 percent to 318.8 billion won ($340 million) from a year earlier, hurt by the rising costs linked to the strong Korean won.

    The US-China imbalance is unsustainable

  5. B commented on May 4

    Wow, hell of a rally today. Transports up 3.5% and the S&P, where the really smart money trades, is flatlining.

  6. Bob A commented on May 4

    there are a LOT of foreign ETF’s that have been awesome over the last several years. BZF MXE GRR TRF TDF and on and on. Most Ishares starting with EW.
    How about a chart comparing all Ishares starting with EW compared to the S&P. Any reason to think this is coming to an end? Why Barry shorting EWG? Do these reasons apply to others?

  7. Hasib commented on Jun 4


    is EWM still a good play? or is it overpriced?

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