Global Interactive Map: The Week’s Trading

Here’s an interactive global map (free WSJ) of the week’s trading.  Watch how the week progressed, Scroll over any country, and you get their Bourse performance for that day:

click for interactive global bourse map

Map courtesy of WSJ


A Week of Volatility
WSJ Markets Data Group
February 27 –  March 2, 2007

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  1. winston munn commented on Mar 3

    (Sung to the tune of Mr. Ed theme song)

    A Bourse is a bourse, of course, of course
    and a bourse never goes down, of course
    unless the bourse gets the endorse
    of a famous talking Fed

    Go right to the source
    and chart the Bourse
    you’ll see a pattern you can endorse
    it tumbled from its steady course
    thanks to talking Fed

  2. BrianM commented on Mar 3

    In researching investing, I regularly come across the term swing trading. Is there any merit in it, or is it just the latest fad?

  3. bbc commented on Mar 3

    This is a brilliant chart. Thanks for the efforts you put into it.

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