Money:Tech NYC Conference

As previously mentioned, I am a panelist at the Money:Tech conference today and tomorrow in NYC. (Blogs, Analysts, and the Future of Equity Research)

Tickets are $2,400 a piece — and they are nearly sold out.

I have 10 comp ticket to give away.

Here are the simple rules:

1. Post a comment asking for it
2. Use your real email address — not a garbage address. (No one sees it but me)
3. I will ping you, and you will send me registration info (Name, Company/School, Email and Phone #) — and a sworn promise you will attend.   

One caveat — if you take a ticket, and then don’t show up, you owe the full $2,400.


First 10 requests in comments gets ’em.

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  1. SINGER commented on Feb 6

    Looks like I logged in at the right time!

    Let’s do this, send me a free ticket…

  2. Terri Belkas commented on Feb 6

    I’d be very interested in going, and I’m a woman of my word.

  3. Jay Weinstein commented on Feb 6

    Can we get more than 2 hours notice next time? I would have to travel LOL

  4. Tom commented on Feb 6

    I wish I could get there.

  5. George commented on Feb 6

    Hey, I love your blog and I’d love to go!



  6. Mohan commented on Feb 6

    I would interested in it. Can i get one.

  7. Steelduck commented on Feb 6

    You did not mention a free first class ticket CDG-JFK-CDG so I can get there. I am very disappointed…

  8. Joe Klein’s conscience commented on Feb 6

    I can’t go because of school but I just wanted to give kudos to Barry. I hope all his readers remember this in the future. It’s a very generous act. Never say that Barry doesn’t love the blog readers.

  9. UrbanDigs commented on Feb 6

    good luck Barry..would love to go, but got a packed day on the streets of manhattan real estate.

    is it raining? fun.

  10. UrbanDigs commented on Feb 6

    cinefoz – “Housing will turn upwards soon.”

    your kidding right? What real data are you basing this assumption on and please do not say because the fed cut rates and the mortgage rate freeze plan.

  11. Vermont Trader.. commented on Feb 6

    LOL – i just cancelled a trip to NYC tomorrow due to all the snow we are getting. Skiing is great again!!

  12. Dave M commented on Feb 6

    I would love to attend! I ca be there tomorrow and will be very appreciative. Dave

  13. jack commented on Feb 6

    i would like a ticket!

  14. jack commented on Feb 6

    oops, never mind, I misread—can’t make it today

  15. maxmo commented on Feb 6

    Henry Blodget is on the panel? I wonder what a scum like him has to say about the financial blogosphere and quality research. I would loved to attend Barry since I’m doing a study on financial blogs for my MA thesis at Johns Hokins.

  16. maxmo commented on Feb 6

    I meant to say Johns Hopkins!

  17. Tim commented on Feb 6

    Just curious, do you know how many or what percentage actually pay the $2,400? Having participated in other industry events, it’s my understanding that quite a few are comps.
    good luck

  18. andy commented on Feb 6

    I would love to be a guess of yours today and tomorrow. rockaways ny

  19. Underpants Gnome commented on Feb 6

    I would like a ticket I missed out on Paul Kedrosky’s give away.

  20. Kyle commented on Feb 6

    Can’t go – but appreciate the gesture for us. Great insight – keep it up!!

  21. Justin commented on Feb 6

    Barry, why couldn’t you of asked me back when I lived in Philly? lol Love the idea – the offer though…

    Now, a question: did someone at CNBC ripe old Santelli, a new asshole for being too bearish and downbeat in the bond market, because it seems like he’s put on a whole different demenor?

  22. Adam commented on Feb 6

    Barry, perhaps cinefoz should take your place on the panel? Evidently he can foresee tops and bottoms without even the slightest knowledge of economics.

  23. drew commented on Feb 6

    money/banks have been ridiculously slow to use tech like their industrial brethren. hopefully this kind of forum will help them catch up.

    recently laid off and have plenty of free time to attend….

  24. Jeff D commented on Feb 6

    If this thing was happening in Boston I’d be all over it.

    Maybe we can also get all the posters who attend to add their comments and insights about the conference to this thread?

  25. techy2468 commented on Feb 6


    i had started to like your post, until you said housing will get better soon enough that market will go up.

    how about you leave housing alone and try to do analysis, why do you want to count on the most improbable to go your way?

    let me list reasons why market may go up:

    1. bank accounts now yield nothing(minus inflation)
    2. liquidity is cheap
    3. most people scared of risk have already left market, the money in the market is from addicted traders or from pension funds or 401k of the clueless, so its not going to leave anytime soon. means less downside risk(except for those short sellers….damn them)
    4. Credit market is improving(sorry i have been reading that its getting tougher to get loans…which indicates credit market is getting worse in the long run)
    5. stocks are cheap (except that financial stocks can become worthless if we get more writedowns in the financials)
    6. economy is going to get better due to rate cuts and liquidity injections…..which will in itself push the market 40% higher..

    i am sure you can make a better list than this.

  26. Brian commented on Feb 6

    Can’t make the conference, but would love to hear the panels view of the future of research. Sellside research is dying a slow death and buyside seems to be principally event/trade driven.

    There seems to be little room for a reasoned analysis of a company with a 3 yr investment horizon.

  27. Joe commented on Feb 6

    I live in NYC, I will go..

  28. Claudia commented on Feb 6

    I would like a ticket.

  29. dave commented on Feb 6

    Timing is everything, on the off chance you have any tickets left consider my hat in the ring.

  30. yathrib commented on Feb 6

    I’d like a ticket…

    Any left?

  31. Alex R commented on Feb 6

    I’m interested, in case a few of the previous requesters back out…

  32. Crim Jamer commented on Feb 6

    Barry, that is the coolest thing I have ever seen a blogger do.

  33. Guy Bazanos commented on Feb 6


    This is really generous of you. I’d love to have ticket for Thur. Hope I’m not too late!

  34. john commented on Feb 6

    A ticket would great…can you send it to my friend Hannibal Lecter he is eating up this bull market.
    I would love a ticket except I left NYC today.

  35. diogenes commented on Feb 7

    Barry.. while we’re blaming the “whores” at the banks for spewing out bad loans at a frenetic pace, let’s not forget to give adequate blame to the ratings agencies who are NOW downgrading the very same debt they said was so credit worthy just a year ago..

    And while we’re at it.. let’s blame the Federal government for ceasing the issuance of 30 year bonds, and forcing tons of investor capital into 10 year bonds, as well as 30 year mortgage assets, driving down the interest rates for both of those instruments.

    The banks wouldn’t have been able to “whore” out loans unless there was sufficient investor interest in purchasing the resulting CMOs (for lack of an alternative in gov’t 30 year debt).

    Now maybe part of the problem can be assigned to the persistence of the Fed in keeping the Fed Funds rate above the yield of the 10 year T-bill.. When the government can borrow money cheaper than the private market, somethings gotta give.

    Of course, it certainly hasn’t helped that China persisted in buying USD denominated debt in order to prevent their own currency from appreciating.. Ton’s of money was looking for a place to be parked.. and the Banks accomodated it.

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