The more the intelligentsia tells me he’s unelectable, the more I want to vote for him.

Nobody knows anything. Especially the smart and educated. We continually laud the graduates of Ivy League institutions, those with money and fame can do no wrong. But then they do.

Like Nate Silver.

Nate got it half right. Trump does have sky high unfavorables. But those became secondary to an electorate pissed that the Republican majordomos had paid lip service to them for decades, but ignored them on the street. And no one likes to be ignored, no one likes to be manipulated, revenge permeates all income brackets and social strata.

So how did this happen?

Trump started early. The “New York Times” said that was Bernie’s flaw, his late start, as if he never believed he could really win. We’ll never know if he could have, but we have learned that some rules are immutable. You have to be in it to win it, you have to lay the groundwork.

And Trump said the unsayable. The right wing may act prim and proper but it’s the left wing that has taken political correctness too far. Sure, racism should not be tolerated, but truth knows no bounds, it resonates with all. And if you’re so busy being hurt by literature that you need trigger warnings, good luck in business.

Which is where Trump triumphed.

But maybe he didn’t, maybe he was born on third base, maybe he’s just a mediocre licensor. But it’s hard for the media to get traction with that story after building him up decade after decade, hyping his books and his TV show… It’s the media who sold us on Trump’s bona fides, now the media wants to say otherwise, in an era where the media establishment is pooh-poohed and seen as untrustworthy.

Which brings us to Fox News. We’re supposed to have sympathy for Megyn Kelly, a beautiful anchor who’s on TV. Roger Ailes plays hardball and then wants those on the other side to pitch softballs? Give Trump credit, he doesn’t take that from anybody, he’s willing to call b.s. And like a country song before Nashville morphed into seventies rock we’re all looking to tell our boss to take this job and shove it.

We live in an attention economy. Where it’s about being recognized and known as opposed to veracity. Too many eggheads are sitting at home talking to the TV not realizing nobody’s listening. They’re afraid to jump into the fire, endure the maelstrom, take the heat. Have you been on the internet? The Trump blowback is experienced by anybody with an 0opinion online. He took the jabs and carried on.

The Donald nailed Jeb’s personality instantly. Bush was boring, sans charisma. Used to be artists triumphed by speaking the truth, in this case it was a politician.

As for Cruz and Kasich, the former didn’t realize that followers were everything, that a megaphone is meaningless unless you have acolytes. And the latter is that doofus in high school who refuses to see the writing on the wall.

And Karl Rove is that principal who loses control of the high school.

And Peggy Noonan is that aunt always saying “I told you so.”, who you’re sick of listening to, the one who lives in an alternative universe where all her opinions are right, even though it does not resemble the real world.

And Bernie’s fans are pissed off too.

But Bernie faced a viable candidate. Hillary has experience. Although even the most dyed-in-the-wool Democrat would refuse to fall asleep around her. You see Hillary does what’s expedient, tells you what you want to hear as opposed to what’s true. That’s so last century. Today light shines everywhere, and those who refuse to acknowledge what is seen have a hard time garnering belief.

So now Trump runs to the center, makes light of his wacky positions just like he just patted his enemy Cruz on the back. And when he attacks Hillary…

She’s vulnerable.

But the news media says he can’t win. That women and Latinos want nothing to do with him. The same media that said he had no chance. The same media controlled by the holier-than-thou who believe we should fall in line.

It’s every man for himself in America today. It’s a coarse country where you work ’round the clock for meager rewards. Sure, there’s a carrot out in front, but it can only be bitten by the same people who tell us to get in line, the one percenters who control corporations and education and are keeping us down. And it’s not only Republicans, but Democrats too.

So Bernie is done. The alternative is gone. Who are you gonna vote for if you’re mad as hell?

Certainly not Hillary. She’s the kind who will invite you to a party and leave you stranded when she gets a better invitation.

So everybody saying Trump can’t win…

He’s not as dumb as he looks. And he performed jujitsu, he knows half of what he says is b.s., but he’s the one in the driver’s seat, he’s the one with the nomination, and the people put him there. Because they’re sick and tired of being lied to, manipulated by those with money. And Trump may be rich, but he acted like a rich person as opposed to adopting the humble shtick most politicians shroud themselves in. Rich people feel entitled, to be heard, to get more. They have contempt for the little guy. They believe what they say is the law. Who doesn’t want someone who’s a wolf in wolf’s clothing to do their dirty work?

The rank and file did not screw up this great country of ours. No, the Larry Summers and the Timothy Geithners and the George Bushes and Dick Cheneys did. Those who knew better than us, who saw the country as their plaything. Do you really think people are eager to place their faith in another one of a long line of these people?


P.S. No, I’m not gonna vote for Donald Trump. I’m far to the left of Hillary. But I love seeing the establishment shaken up. I’m sick of hearing that these people know more than me, as they pull shenanigans behind closed doors that screw me.

P.P.S. People want jobs. Manufacturing ain’t never coming back to the U.S., that’s a left wing canard. So what is Hillary gonna do to help us? Sure, the Donald may have insane ideas about reducing taxes on the rich to drive up the economy, but he’s got more new ideas than Hillary and he’s more believable.

P.P.P.S. If this weren’t a popularity contest Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldn’t have defeated Gray Davis. And Arnold didn’t do much in office, and I don’t think the Donald would do much either. But he might appoint a right wing Supreme Court justice and that would be tragic. But he also might not play nice with the nitwit right wingers, the Tea Partiers and the establishment who have held this country hostage.

P.P.P.P.S. The Presidential campaign is more intriguing, more honest than any art this year. It’s out-Kanye’d Kanye. It shows the fallacy in “Batman v. Superman.” It truly is a jungle out there, and if you want to know what’s going on you watch politics, not some lame Disney production which puts money first and truth nowhere.


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