Freakonomics: The Stupidest Thing You Can Do With Your Money




Bogle. Fama. French. Ritholtz? Yes, on this huge, special edition of Freakonomics on index/investing. Its chock filled of great commentary and observations from numerous legends of investing + me. (Look for an end of podcast cameo from WHCommDir Anthony Scaramucci !)

Gene Fama discusses market efficiency, Ken French talks factors, Jack Bogle on why low cost simplicity beats everything else over time + I kinda wisecrack my way thru the process, giving a practitioner’s perspective on why these things are so important. It really is a brief survey of the most important changes in investing over the past few decades.

It’s a seriously awesome podcast –the Freakonomics crew must have recorded hours and hours of tape to pull this together (I recorded an hour or so back in March). For you non-listeners, the full transcript is here (warning: sarcasm/snark don’t necessarily translate into print from the spoken word). It is a privilege to be in such august company — now I need to get Fama & French as MiB guests.

Check it out:


The Stupidest Thing You Can Do With Your Money
by Stephen J. Dubner
Freakonomics, July 26, 2017


Meet the Man Who Is Going to Run Vanguard
Bloomberg July 25, 2017


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