35 Days


Now we know how long it takes for our country’s infrastructure to crumble. You know, like in a disaster movie, after the nuclear holocaust, when they run out of bread and water…but in this case it was the flights. Flying is bad enough, now Frontier wants you to tip your flight attendant, but if you show up and can’t get where you want to go you’re beyond frustrated, and you don’t know who to complain to.

So Trump ended the shutdown, temporarily anyway. Proving that nonsense doesn’t go on forever, or as they say, something’s gotta give.

And it did.

A good lesson to learn. America hasn’t completely gone off the rails.

But with the arrest of Roger Stone and the reference to Frank Pentangeli… I thought the Mafia was eradicated, but it turns out it’s still here, now it is the government, and the only person who needs to survive is Trump. Don Jr., aka Fredo, will be sacrificed, maybe Jared Kushner too, they’re taking one for the team, illustrating “character”…but I thought character was about morality and doing the right thing, boy am I living in a bubble.

And it turns out while Hollywood continues to debate #MeToo, and the “New York Times” keeps adding female opinion writers, the truth is the two most powerful people in America are women, Ann Coulter and Nancy Pelosi. One shut down the government, the other refused to cave. What a movie to watch.

And speaking of watching, did you see Coulter on Bill Maher tonight? She should win an Academy Award, what a great acting job, as you watch her you start to believe that she doesn’t, believe that is, i.e. she’s an entertainer, just like our President, and we’ve been snookered by both.

And if you pitched this as a movie script to a studio they wouldn’t make it, they’d say it’s unbelievable, that it couldn’t happen.

Actually, today I’m kinda glad that Trump got elected. Oh, not really, especially with the Supreme Court, never mind the ability to name other judges and break the economy… But Trump has defined the new reality in today’s America. He’s Napster. He’s disruptive. Just like file-traders were sick of paying $15 for a CD with one good song, racists and the downtrodden were sick of getting lip service from the establishment in D.C., they turned over the table. But now it’s righting itself.

It woke up our somnambulant country. Look at the number of people who voted in the midterms.

And it immediately put the baby boomers in the rearview mirror. Sure, oldsters vote, but it’s the youngsters’ country now, and they’re pissed… Everybody keeps calling millennials crybabies, oldsters have contempt for them, and now AOC gets elected and the whole country moves left.

The oldsters in the Op-Ed pages of the WSJ are flipping out.

But, like I said, they’re old and out of touch, and suddenly the world is run by the “Post” and not the “Times.” begging the question of whether Dean Baquet has a clue, he doesn’t, the paper is lost in a world of upper middle class New York elites, if I read one more anti-technology story I’m gonna…laugh.

As for Fox News, I just listened on the satellite, and they’re flipping out, there’s no way they can see this as good. And meanwhile, the era of the TEA Party and Trump is eroding and they don’t realize it. Sure, Mitch McConnell is old, but younger Republicans in Congress are screwed, especially if the Supreme Court gets rid of gerrymandering, they’re out of touch with the population.

It’s just like the record companies, fighting Napster, refusing to license Spotify to the point that YouTube got traction. And now, of course, Spotify and streaming are their financial savior.

But the landscape looks different, most acts get no purchase, it’s like America at large, winners and losers.

And how can you pay attention to music when the news is so damn fascinating. Unlike old musicians, Trump and AOC and Elizabeth Warren are up-to-date, they’re tweeting, using social media.

And AOC proffers a 70% tax rate and then Elizabeth Warren comes up with a 2% tax on wealth, all of it, and one wonders…WHY NOT?

Just ask a millennial, do you think they have sympathy for corporations and billionaires?

No way.

And they’re much more savvy than oldsters, they know the odds of striking it rich are low, so they’re all about jobs, 24/7, getting their piece of the pie, screw “Shark Tank,” that paradigm is history, dreamers without portfolio asking for bucks, little different from a GoFundMe campaign.

And politics is understandable, whereas media is not. If I read one more story about the Oscars…who in hell, especially under the age of fifty, has seen all these pictures? Talk about being out of touch.

It’s like a silent revolution, not only did the media miss Trump, who got elected, it missed the dissatisfaction of his constituents and now has no clue of the millennial mind-set. That’s what you’ve got to concern yourself with. Millennials don’t care about coal mines, they’re against CAFE rules, if they even know what they are. They may not own cars, they Uber/Lyft and they’re all about global warming, but no one in D.C. other than aged Bernie Sanders seems to think this is our number one problem.

Yup, they tried to take down Bernie with #MeToo, which is a kerfuffle in a bubble. No one outside of the Beltway believes Bernie is responsible and the truth is Bernie resonates with youngsters because he speaks his truth.

As for Michael Bloomberg, the hidden front-runner, Maher went on that he’s anti the legalization of marijuana. In theory, I am too, but if you listen to Gavin Newsom, who pushed it through in California, it’s about keeping people out of jail, eliminating the illegality, he convinced me, maybe Bloomberg is too old.

And the truth is we are living in the sixties, an era the right wing is still trying to eradicate, fifty years later. But we’re in maybe ’66. We haven’t gotten to our ’69 protest moment at the monument, never mind Kent State. That’s right, the entire country has lost touch with millennials. Not only D.C., but the media… Videogames outgross movies, but they still don’t get no respect. Oldsters grew up in an era of opportunity, that’s history. As the aged and the right circle the wagons, want no integration with immigrants, youngsters believe in social welfare and kumbaya. Yup.

But you wouldn’t know that watching the news, whether it be CNN, Fox or MSNBC.

Meanwhile, all those stations keep quoting the “Post” and the “Times,” they don’t do any reporting.

They’re just looking for clicks. They’re as bad as Zuckerberg, and they still haven’t gotten the memo that it’s Instagram, not Facebook.

And rich people don’t want the poor to take their kids’ place at the elite educational institutions, and the end result is those left out are dumber with fewer skills than ever, that’s one of the reasons they voted for Trump, it’s the left that left them behind, and the left still won’t acknowledge it, they just say every Trump supporter is a racist, but that’s not true.

So we’ve come back from the brink folks. Not that we won’t go there again real soon, but we now know there’s a correction factor. The youth and septuagenarian Nancy Pelosi, who proves every day that experience counts.

And we’ve just learned from this experience that our nation can go off the rails pretty quickly, but having seen this movie we’re getting back on track.

You can’t take your eyes away from the screen, TV and the internet, not movie theatres.

It’s the most riveting entertainment of the twenty first century.



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