Behavioral Grooves: How to Reduce Evolutionary Panic

At the Behavioral Summit this past October, I was on a panel with several interesting folk discussing ways to Evaluate and Mitigate Risk. It was a discussion on how to apply Behavioral Economics in real life. I had been putting together an explanation on exactly how RWM does just that, and I was able to use a few examples from my write up in that discussion.

After the session, I was chatted up by two interesting gentlemen — Tim Houlihan and Kurt Nelson — together they host a fascinating podcast: Behavioral Grooves. Tim is the founder and Chief Behavioral Strategist at Behavior Alchemy; Kurt is founder and Chief Behavioral Scientist at The Lantern Group. Their podcast looks at how to apply behavioral sciences to both work and life, but interestingly includes a little music discussions to complete the process.

When we met in my office to record the interview, it was the middle of one of those occasional weeks where I was wildly over-scheduled. The Bob Cialdini interview, the Behavioral Summit, a SABEW keynote, and then a Bloomberg Beta event (among lots of other stuff). Oh, and the night before the Steely Dan show at the Beacon Theater.

So I was a little crispy around the edges that morning. I am an unruly interviewee in general, but the exhaustion led me to amping up on an unholy combination of caffeine and adrenaline. Tim and Kurt did a good job trying to keep me focused on the topic at hand. I love how they annotate the discussion with details from the field and academia.

Fun stuff!


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Behavioral Grooves



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