Revolutionizing RIA Marketing

RIA Intel is a new site from Institutional Investor. They had approached Josh and I about participating in their initial issue, and we were game. The result was a fun but in-depth look at how we think about things in our industry like marketing and branding.

We had a good conversation with Greg Bartalos, and as you can see from some of the photos (below), we had lots of fun doing it.

The result was this longer-form discussion about our approach to the business of managing a business in the 21st century. We’ve discussed lots of these issues in the past — see any of these — but it is always interesting to see how others independently view our thinking.

You may have noticed we have always given away lots of content. A few related items were hinted at in the column, which might be worth going into greater detail in the future. For now, the specifics are in the piece itself.

And yes, I’ll take “Burly” over “Fat” any day.

Here is an excerpt:

“With Brown and Ritholtz rewriting the rules of engagement, should advisers abandon the old playbook and follow in their footsteps? Or is Brown and Ritholtz’s success more the by-product of a unique set of circumstances that offers no larger lesson — and merely tells the story of how one firm broke out?”

Go see the entire thing. Oh, and the photos are kinda fun.



Josh and Barry Tweet Like Crazy. Are They Revolutionizing RIA Marketing — or Just Wasting Time?
By Greg Bartalos
RIA, Intel, June 03, 2019


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