The End of Mutual Funds?

Source: Wealth Management



I referenced this Wealth Management column this AM — but it is worth further exploring the topic of how much the rise of ETFs is leading to the fall of Mutuals Funds.

Some of the data points in the article are stunning:

-First mutual fund: MFS Investment Management in 1924.

-Assets in U.S. mutual funds: 1989: $135 billion. 2000: $7.5 trillion

-Mutual fund loads (1990s): 8.5% to 5%

-Advisors who say they plan to increase usage of funds: ETFs = 45%; Mutual funds =19%

My boy @DaveNadig is all over it, and the entire piece is worth reading.





The Slow Demise of Mutual Funds
Diana Britton
Wealth Management, Dec 10, 2019

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