2003 BMW Z8

I have previously made mention of the Z8 as “one that got away.”

In the early 2000s, I missed the opportunity to pick up one of these beauties (Silver with a Black interior) for about $75k. Today, they go for $200k+ (although you can get a higher mileage driver for less).

Have you ever seen a more beautiful interior than this? The centered instrument cluster is lovely; It is simply gorgeous. This color combo is the one that I really like — I love the light color leather, and the way the black exterior is carried into the cabin. (There is a blue/tan version that is just as spectacular). And, the exterior is a throwback to the BMW 507, which now go for stupid money.

Funny thing about passing on a silver black one (which I could not really afford at the time); I helped make the sale for a friend who was importing these; I still know exactly where that car is (I’m looking at you, Peter.)

Anyway, these are just lovely. Now is the time to start shopping for the spring convertible season…


Source: Classic Driver

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