2021 BMW i4 Electric Sedan

BMW has been dabbling in electrics for more than a decade. The quirky i3, the lovely (but underpowered) i8, and a handful of US hybrid options, and perhaps their most intriguing mainstream EV the Mini electric.

Next year will see BMW make a more serious entry into a mainstream electric car when they unveil a pure-electric Gran Coupe:

Range: up to 372 miles (600km)
Power: up to 530 hp
Acceleration: 0 – 60 mph 4.0 s
Top speed 124 mph.

The concept car below gives an idea as to what this will look like when it goes into production next year. We can use the new 8 series and Z4 as they changed from concept cars to production as a frame of reference to extrapolate what this will look like IRL: Start with a 4 series size fastback, with a smaller front grill than seen below, softer edges, and a less radical cabin. Expect the big wraparound screen and the minimalist interior to design in more traditional materials.

I also assume that BMW will roll out variants: A convertible, a sportier coupe, maybe even a high output M version that challenges Tesla’s ludicrous mode.

The price is the big deal, but if it comes in a similar range to the current 4 series, it is a huge win.



Source: Jalopnik

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Source: Bloomberg


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