1932 Buick Model 98 Convertible Phaeton

I was never much for the 1930s era cars, but damn if this Model 98 Convertible Phaeton is not a beautiful set of lines and curves. My knowledge about the cars of this era is skimpy, but I am learning more about them and increasingly intrigued by their history. They show up at auction from time to time, going for over $100k.

Thew one below was bid to $51k but the reserve was not met.

One of my reservations about the world of collector cars is the natural audience for these is sort of shrinking organically, as generations age out of buying/owning/collecting. I suspect many of the million dollar cars will rapidly depreciate over the next 50 years, as the pool of potential buyers shrinks.

Me? I prefer cars I can thrash and drive on a regular basis,. but I still appreciate a classic like the Model 98 Convertible Phaeton.



Source: Bring A Trailer

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