Re-Opening Schools in the Midst of Pandemic Surge

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Joe Brusuelas does some very interesting work in “the middle market,” e.g., midsize companies. His recent analysis of where the Coronavirus is being managed well and poorly is instructive to policy makers seeking to get tyh e pandemic under control.

Brusuelas notes:

“We continue to make the case that until there is a national testing, tracing and treatment regime in place, any talk of economic recovery is premature at best. The same could be said of the reopening of schools.

During the first 120 days of the pandemic, the focus on reopening businesses, not schools, has received priority. Unfortunately, the premature reopening of business has led to an intensification of the pandemic and is now causing a slowing of overall economic activity.

How the U.S. decides to reopen schools, or whether to do it at all, will define the next step in the normalization of the domestic economy.

Reopening of the schools in many ways is the most difficult of choices. After nearly four months at home with the kids, there has been ample time to consider whether the educational and social lapses suffered by children is so great as to outweigh the chance of a COVID-19 infection. Yet, a consensus on what to do next has not yet been agreed upon.”

The entire analysis is worth reading . . .



Pandemic choice: Reopening schools and the economy
Joe Brusuelas
The Real Economy Blog, July 6, 2020

Pandemic choice: Reopening schools and the economy


The six states with major metropolitan areas that were initially hit hardest by the virus (New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Illinois and California). Of those states, only California has an increasing number of cases

Source: Real Economy Blog


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