1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing

Its October, and during my birthday month, I will be sharing some of my favorite cars. What better one to begin with then one of the most significant, beautiful cars ever made: the 300SL Gullwing.

The design is now well over 60 years old — and it still is compelling. The first moment I laid eyes on one I fell in love. It is even more devastatingly beautiful in person. This was before the 300SL became a 7 figure collectible. The dashboard is handsome, the gull wing doors are striking when opened, and the lines and body proportions are just right from every angle. She is a perfect 10, simply spectacular.

Direct fuel-injection 3-liter overhead camshaft straight-6 engine made 175 horsepower. SL stands for “Super Light,” combined with the very aerodynamic design, made for a fine racer. With a top speed of 163 mph, this was the fastest production car of its time.

Produced from 1954–1957, Mercedes made 1,400 of the Coupes, and another 1,858 of a Roadster version. Paul Newman owned one, as have other aficionados of fine automobiles.

This one below sold for $1,152,000; if I ever were able to become a serious collector of automobiles, this is the first car that would end up in my garage.


Source: Bring A Trailer

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