2022 Ferrari 296 GTB (Hybrid)

I often note I am not a “Ferrari guy” — they are a touch showy for me, and truth be told I am intimidated by the cost of unanticipated maintenance. And yet, I continually find myself appreciating lots of different models from the storied marque.

Case in point: The outrageous, two-toned, hybrid 2022 Ferrari 296 GTB is just such a beast that will get a lot of people interested.

Start with the gorgeous swoopy body and loverly interior. 654 horsepower comes from just 2992 cc of displacement in a mid-mounted turbocharged V-6, with the balance from an electric motor wedged between the engine & transmission. That V6 / plug-in hybrid (PHEV) combo sends 818 horsepower of power to the road exclusively through the rear wheels.

A V6-hybrid Ferrari is certainly a new era in Maranello, made possible by technology: The advancements in Ferrari engine tech showing in this new internal combustion engine are very impressive — 654 horsepower used to require a much larger and thirstier 12-cylinder engine. That’s probably why this is the first 6 cylinder engine to wear Ferrari badging. The lovely Dino was a 6 but has no Ferrari markings anywhere on it.

And, it’s a hybrid. How much longer will ICE engines be around? It’s hard to say when the exact sell date is, but you know this headline is not too far off in the future. “Ferrari Goes All Electric; the storied marquee announces its discontinuing Internal Combustion Engines.” Matt Miller will be distraught.

Regardless of cylinder count, the specs on the Ferrari 296 GTB are impressive:

– 0-62mph (100km) is 2.9 seconds
– 0-124 in 7.3 seconds
– Top speed is ~205 mph
– 818 horsepower total HP
– 546 lb-ft of torque
– eDrive range up to 15.5 miles

A Ferrari 296 Spider will soon follow.

Pricing starts at $321,400; the two-tone Assetto Fiorano performance package begins at $360,900. Better order yours soon, these tend to sell out quickly.


Source: Ferrari




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