1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GT

We have shown the understated, elegant Dino before (see, e.g., this , this or this). This one intrigued me for two reasons. First the color: Rosso Fiorano Metallizzato. Its a rich candy apple red that works especially well.

But second, the price. While these have been regularly going for stupid money ($400-500k), I watched this example het bid to about $270k –and then falter.

I’ve noticed other cars fall way off their recent high sales, too. I have no idea if it is a reflection of the broader economy, a faltering specific marketplace that now has too much supply, or changes in demographics.

I have not done a full data dive, its really more of a few noticeable anecdotes — Dinos, BMW Z8s, Audi R8s — cars that should be drivers but had become silly “investments” — a development I am none too fond of — perhaps have run their course. Maybe these care will become drivers again instead of garage queens.

In my view, sneakers are for wearing, cars are for driving, and neither is where you park your serious long-term cash.

Probably wishful thinking on my part.

As to this lovely below, well, you can see the full run of photos at this link.



Source: Bring A Trailer


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