What Financial Rules Matter Most?



About a decade ago, I added the category “Rules” to the site. I did this to have a handy way to keep track of the many terrific collections of investing & finance rules I kept finding (about 40 sets of rules can be found here).

They came from fund managers and psychologists and strategists and economists and traders and philosophers. While these rule sets varied in scope and focus, they all had one thing in common: They were the collected wisdom of a lifetime of experience in the financial markets.

Creating your own set of rules can be a useful exercise: I created rules of Investing, Valuation, Stock tips, even of Goldbuggery. Note these are dives into niches, and keeping a list to just 10 was easy. But I wonder: Could one create a list of 10 rules that were not specific narrow topics, but were broad general concerns about everything finance touches?

Asked differently:

What are the Top 10 Rules of Money?

I have my list, and I am fleshing them out in detail, but I am curious as to your thoughts: What rules of money matter most?

Post your best rules or ideas here; column to follow next week.



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