Addition by Subtraction: Less really is more (but we often miss it)


I’m still away, but during my Maine sojourn, I wanted to direct your attention to a favorite weekly: Bob Seawright’s The Better Letter..

Bob has been finance blogging for a decade, and during the WFH year, began playing with the Substack newsletter format. It seems to be working out. His (entirely free) newsletter is here:

I very much enjoyed last week’s discussion on the concept of Addition by Subtraction.

Top 10 list for applying the addition by subtraction principle.

1. Focus on Eliminating Mistakes.
2. Make Fewer Decisions.
3. Build “Slack” into Your Life.
4. Keep Your Options Open.
5. Focus on Simplicity and Elegance.
6. Less is Often More.
7. Eliminate Noise.
8. Be Less Sure of Yourself.
9. Be Less Full of Yourself.
10. Beware Over-Reliance on Self-Reliance

You can check out the full piece here.



Bob Seawright lives in San Diego, California. His work has been featured in most major financial publications and writes Above the Market.



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