2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R

During my birthday month of October, I like to highlight cars I would be happy to put in my own garage.

Before we get to the details of the beastie below, a word about that hellacious color. I first saw the AMG-GT R online in “AMG Green Hell Magno” — and I completely despised it. It read to me as pure boy-toy, a look-at-me childish attempt at matching the more outrageous colors of Lamborghini’s latest. Worse still, it raised the $162,900 base price by an obscene $9,900 for what appeared to be a hideous, retina-burning color. What would ever motivate anyone to pick something this horrible? Hard pass.

Then I saw one in person — and I fell in love with it.

I have never seen a color that was so different IRL than its photographs and online depictions. Green Hell Magno has both a matte finish over a metallic flake. If that sounds like it makes no sense, well, it’s because it does not make any sense. At least, within my frame of reference of paints, finishes, and topcoats. It has a depth of color that is 3-dimensional. The tonality changes slightly relative to ambient light and the angle of view. It’s rare that I find myself flipping from hate to love, but that was my experience with this color.

About the Mercedes’ supercar: the AMG GT R is but one flavor of AMG’s coupe, really, it’s the track-focused version. The base GT, and the GT-C are currently offered (the GT-R and GT-S seem to no longer be manufactured). The base AMG GT comes with a 4.0L AMG V8 biturbo making 523hp ($118,600); AMG GT C Coupe sees the same engine tuned to 550 hp ($153,500). There is also the bonkers AMG GT Black Series, which makes 720 hp and will set you back $325,000.

If I were a buyer of new cars, the middle AMG GT C seems almost rational. It is a softer version at “only” 550 hp; it could be had with quilted seats and in “designo Brilliant Blue Magno” ($3,950 option) but that hellacious Green is reserved for the more expensive editions, as is the Sunbeam Yellow.

The fully optioned GT-R below had an MSRP of $203,140; it sold for $123,008. I love finding cars that have depreciated significantly — the M6 and R8 come to mind — and if ever this car falls below $100k, I would seriously consider it as a birthday present.


Source: Bring A Trailer

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