1937 Cord 812 Super-Charged Beverly

The Cord 812 Super-Charged was one of the first classic cars I fell in love with. The Cabriolet version (see this and this) is similarly beautiful.

But these cars were more than merely beautiful; they were pacesetters in terms of technology and design: The first American car to have front-wheel drive, use a horn ring (vs a button), cut holes in the hubcaps so the brakes could cool off; use enclosed headlights, (manually crank on the dash) for better aerodynamics; hide the gas cap under a door; use hidden door hinges on those Suicide doors.

When new, these were priced similarly to Cadillacs at $3,095. But Cord only sold 3000 of them; today, only 2000 remain, mostly in the hands of collectors.

If I had the time and space for another classic car, I would have been all over this beauty — bid to $69k but RNM…


Source: Bring A Trailer

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