1936 Cord 810 Westchester

Time and again, I keep coming back to these beautiful cars. (See this 1936 810 Cabriolet1937 812 Super-Charged Beverly1937 812 Super-Charged Westchester, and this 1937 812). If I had room in my garage, or even better, my own barn filled with collectibles, I would definitely find a spot for one of these.

Gordon Buehrig’s design was both innovative and lovely. The Cord 810 was the first American car with front-wheel drive, independent front suspension, pop-up headlights, a non-traditional radiator grille, and other innovations. But the shape, lines, and visual impact the car made on people who saw it was special.

In the middle of the Great Financial Crisis, I recommended using the disruption to “counter-cyclically” spend on distressed assets at 50% off of their recent values. When the 2020 pandemic began, I repeated that advice: If there is something you have been considering, but had run away in price, use the crash to make a purchase at a deep discount.

I followed my own advice and picked up a cheap toy in April 2020. But that meant other opportunities would pass by. This lovely Cord was one of those missed opportunities: It sold at Bring A Trailer for $61,000 — an excellent example priced as if it was only a fair one.

It is an advantage to have some dry powder when we head into selloffs of any kind.


Source: Bring A Trailer

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