Bloomberg: Old Age Isn’t What Ends a Bull Stock Market

Old Age Isn’t What Ends a Bull Stock Market
The length of the run really doesn’t matter very much.
Bloomberg, August 17, 2018



Yes, we know, the bull market is long in the tooth, its aging, its tired.

Enter the search query “how long is the longest bull market” into Google News and you get 562,000 results; Search “All” and it yields over 41,400,000 results.

Investors will not find much of use in most of these results. It is the wrong question to ask.

Perhaps a better inquiry would look something like this: Why does it matter how long a BULL market is?

If you give it any thought, you might consider these five factors prior to answering:

1. Current definitions are random and useless;
2. What really is a bull or bear?
3. Secular vs cyclical?
4. Ordinary versus Crisis Recoveries;
5. Scare Tactics;


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