MIB Update: Past 4 Months

I have been in the midst of an utterly wild run of shows on Masters in Business. I don’t know how else to describe it, other than to point out the past 20 consecutive shows have all been simply killer. If you have missed any of these, they are highly recommended for download for your holiday travel.

It’s been a streak of random good luck.

My approach to selecting guests is somewhat eccentric: First and foremost, they are people I want to sit down with for a conversation. Second, they typically are articulate, capable of holding interest during a deep dive into their particular expertise. Third, they, see the world in a slightly skewed way. This often lead to success, much of which looks obvious in hindsight, but were really much more “high risk, high return” then appears today.

How they get scheduled is totally random, a function of their schedule and mine, studio/engineer availability, etc. When they get broadcast is a little less random – I try to mix it up, not run the same guest types — economists, VCs, hedgies, authors — in a row.

The past few months could be the most eclectic, diverse, and (brace yourself) fascinating podcast guests I have ever had in a given consecutive streak ever: the Secretary of Defense, 3 Nobel Laureates, TD Ameritrade founder, the most notable hedge fund talent recruiter, Advisor Alpha’s creator, Creative Planning CEO, a producer of some of Hollywood’s most beloved films, CEO of both Aetna and BP, 3 VCs, 2 notable authors, a manager who has been running the same pension fund for over 40 years — and the inimitable Kara Swisher.

All of our prior podcasts can be found here.






MIB Update: Streak

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