2001 BMW Z8

Ahh, the lovely and powerful Z8. Of all the automotive near misses I have experienced, this was closest to being reeled in and brought in the boat. It has been a regular in. these pages; See this this this all, based on this.

Based on the legendary BMW 507, the Z8’s retro styling, a 394-hp V-8, and a chassis made of lightweight aluminum became an instant hit. By the time the roadster went out of production at the end of 2003, 5,700 were sold.

Courtesy of the strong dollar, my buddy Jan was importing serious sheetmetal from Europe. In a warehouse near MacArthur Airport, he kept dozens of Ferraris, Mercedes, BMWs and others (think opening scene of Rainman).

His last Z8 was offered to me for $75k. Missus Big Picture convinced me why we could not afford it. Why do these cars come along anytime I try to buy a house?

This one was sold for $206,520.



Source: Bring A Trailer

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