1967 Chevrolet C2 Corvette Coupe

I am not a “Corvette guy.” We all know that dude who was Vette-crazed since he was 9. Like so many other lovely marquees, I was happy to admire them from afar.

But the appeal is undeniable: The second generation Vettes have a spectacular shape, with a long hood, curvaceous fenders, and sweeping lines. It works to create an aggressive stance, with muscular good looks, lots of HP, plenty of performance. No doubt they are the ultimate U.S. muscle car.

I considered a new 2020 C8. It is an insane amount of performance for $62,195 (options and packages can easily send prices over 6 figures) but the newest version did not call my name; it sent me looking at Audi R8s instead. I came close to picking up a C3 from 1969, but similarly could not pull the trigger.

As much as I have appreciated a rare 1963 split rear window, they bring big dollars. I do not want to worry about depreciation — I want to be able to drive my cars, which is what these beauties were made for.

This brings me to the C2, the second generation Corvette (1963-67). Is there a better-looking American sports car? The photos do not do them justice — in person, these are gorgeous, shapely sexy things. (I took the first group of photos, and they barely capture how lovely these are). The condition of the car, the quality of the renovations, the engine configurations, transmissions, and options all affect prices. They remain reasonable, starting at about $30k and rising to six figures. These have just begun moving higher.

The enthusiasts of the marquee can sometimes go over the top in their pursuits. The lovely model you see below in Elkhart Blue with a white interior was lovingly restored down to the last bolt at a cost near 6 figures. If you want a car you can drive, but still see appreciate over time, the C2 Coupe is one to consider.

This year is a big round birthday for me, and if I were to buy myself a present, it would not be an expensive watch — it would be the lovely C2 below.



Source: Emilia Motors

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