2024 Aston Martin Vantage



Over the past few years, my automotive focus has been drawn from achingly beautiful classic cars, toward something newer: Hybrids, EVs, and assorted new technologies. I like to keep current, and that means tracking recent trends and developments in the automotive industry.

But when the most beautiful car I have seen in decades comes along — and has a beastly 656+ HP — well, I revert to my default petrolhead status and drool something that sounds like arghgeghh

The photos are simply stunning: From the massive front grill to the muscular haunches, the eye-catching rear fenders, flowing indents, and that sexy tail bob, everything about this car screams Beauty AND Beast. Even the interior, long an Aston Martin weak spot, looks fantastic.


-656BHP at 6000rpm
-Maximum Torque: 800NM (2000-5000 rpm)
-0-62 in 3.5 seconds (0-100km/h)
-Top speed: 202mph (325kph)
-All alloy quad overhead cam, 4.0 litre twin turbo V8
-Rear mid-mounted ZF eight-speed automatic transmission
-Body: aluminium body structure with composite panels
-Rear tires: Michelin Pilot Sport S 5: 325/30/ZR21 (Huge!); Front  275/35/ZR21 (Beefy!)

What Aston calls “Podium Green and Lime” looks like a cross between AMG’s Green Magno Hell and British Racing Green with acid yellow trim is spectacular (Maybe it is Ion or Aston Martin Racing Green). The full palette of colors read wet, beautiful, and nuanced. It comes in the widest range of choices I can recall from AM, from in-your-face oranges and neon to subtle blacks, greys, and silvers. I tend to like cars in Blue, as they are less cliched and rarer — check out the low-key Ion Blue.

I had no idea this was coming out until I watched it on Harry’s Garage. No rear wheel steer or heavy hybrid batteries, just a monster Mercedes-sourced twin-turbo AMG engine. I imagine the folks in Stuttgart are taking notice — anyone in the market for a Porsche 911 Turbo S now has to decide how much beauty they can handle.

If this is the ICE era’s last hurrah, we are certainly going out on top…




Source: Auto Car

Source: Aston Martin, Goodwood, Evo


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