2022 Hummer EV

The Hummer — a gas-guzzling, military-based, oversized symbol of excess, retired by GM in 2010 — has been reborn as an electric. The poster child for environmental irresponsibility has been reborn as a new electric supertruck. Like the reborn Ford Bronco, the GMC folks have exceeded expectations on every level.

James LeBron is the celebrity commercial spokesman for the Hummer Pickup EV. The Hummer EV will compete with the Bollinger B1, Nikola Badger, the Rivian R1T and whatever the Tesla Cybertruck ends up being.

GM is spending $2.2 billion to build electric (and autonomous) vehicles in Factory Zero — a new plant in Detroit to build its zero emission vehicles. A second vehicle is coming from Hummer — a new GMC Hummer electric SUV — is on the slate to be released next year.

Many of the features are brilliantly conceived:  The 800-volt DC fast charging is impressive, compatible with chargers of up to 350 kilowatts. Credit Its fats charge can add 100 miles of range in 10 minutes.

The four-wheel steering, includes a CrabWalk feature that allows diagonal travel at low speeds. Good for parallel parking, but this should allow improved low speeds maneuverability in certain conditions. Other features include adaptive air suspension, 22″ Wheels With 35″ OD Tires, Infinity glass roof, removable roof (and onboard storage), Torque Vectoring, 18 camera views, including forward- and rear-facing underbody cameras, and a whole lot more (see video below).

The stats on the Hummer are pretty insane:

HUMMER EV Edition 1
1,000 HP (3 Motors)
0-60: 3 seconds
11,500 lb-ft of Torque
350+ Mile Range
Base price $112,595
Available: Fall 2021

Thats less than 12 months away. The rest of the various trim levels look like this: EV3X, EV2X, EV2. Prices are $99, 89, 79k, range is 300-250, HP 800-625, Torque 9,500 – 7,400 lb-ft. Availability of each successive model is Fall 2022, Spring 2023, and Spring 2024 respectively. You can reserve your Hummer, but the top of the line “Edition 1,” starting at: $112,595, is already sold out.

This looks like a fantastic vehicle, brilliantly conceived and executed. Kudos for GMC for the fresh take on the electric truck.


Source: GMC

Source: Road Show
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