MiB: Best of 2019

I get a lot of the same questions about the pod: “I just discovered MiB — I want to hear more, where should I start?” (hey, thats a good idea; let me get to work on that); “What are your all time favorite MiBs?” (impossible to answer, but start with these). And finally, “What were your favorite podcasts this year?”

Great question: Let’s have look at the 2019 run pf podcasts and come up with a top 10 list. (I am leaving out “MiB Live” cause they are their own category).

What follows is my own highly subjective review: What the guest revealed, how much of an upside surprise they were, my own (often flawed) performance, and simply, how much fun I had. It is a squishy, personal list.

Regardless, here are some of my favorites from last year (I could creat several different versions of this).

Top Masters in Business for 2019

10. Josh Wolfe, Lux Capital: I met Josh at an Annie Duke dinner, and immediately thought his focus on basic science as a venture sector was both unique and fascinating, and would make for a perfect MiB. He did not disappoint.  (Apple iTunesBloombergSpotifyGoogle PodcastsOvercast, and Stitcher).

9. Brian Grazer/ Don Felder (Tie): Interviewing musicians, TV & film producers, or really anyone from the arts is way outside of my expertise/comfort zone. That makes it challenging and fun.

8. Kara Swisher, Recode: Swisher spent two decades covering the internet, technology and Silicon Valley for the WSJ. She is now a NYT OpEd columnist and podcast host, and she held nothing back, discussing her favorite CEOs, Tech Bros, and Rupert Murdoch (“Uncle Satan”). So much fun! (Apple iTunesOvercastSpotifyGoogle PodcastsBloomberg, and Stitcher).

7. Roger Ibbotson:  He is one of the unsung heroes in finance (at least to the general public) who has been instrumental in turning investing into a more of an empirical field. A very fascinating person, and lovely human being.   (iTunesBloombergOvercast, and Stitcher)

6. Lord Browne: A unique combination of skills and interests, an engineer who looks at the world differently than most. Forthright and insightful, the formerly closeted CEO of the UK’s largest company has much to say about the world today.  (Apple iTunesOvercastSpotifyGoogle PodcastsBloomberg, and Stitcher)

5. Ilana Weinstein: I don’t know anyone who understands or knows more about hedge funds in the US. She is uniquely situated, and is not afraid to speak the blunt truth (Apple iTunesOvercastSpotifyGoogleBloomberg, and Stitcher)

4. The Winklevoss Twins: A surprisingly open, informative and (dare I say it) fascinating conversation about everything from Facebook to Cypto to the Beijing Olympics. This one was all upside surprise. (iTunesBloombergOvercast, and Stitcher).

3. Gregory Zuckerman, WSJ reporter: I was fortunate to receive a copy of “The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution,” which I devoured in one sitting. That led to a column and a podcast and neither disappointed. If you are at all intrigued by Renaissance Technologies or Jim Simons, then stop what you are doing right now: This is a must listen. (Apple iTunesOvercastSpotifyGoogleBloomberg, and Stitcher).

2. Ash Carter: Secretary of Defense, Author, 5X recipient DOD Distinguished Public Service Medal, simply a wonderful human being. (Don’t ask me how this happened, I honestly don’t know). (Apple iTunesOvercastSpotifyGoogleBloomberg, and Stitcher).

1. Michael Lewis: I never have enough time with Michael, but we sat down for almost 2 hours of which over 90 minutes were usable. What got pulled was the off mike asides and our cursing and laughing. It was So. Much. Fun. (iTunesBloombergOvercast, and Stitcher).

This was a useful exercise, and I will try to create a version of this with each successive year.




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